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sâmbătă, 26 septembrie 2015

Why Lancia must be given a new lease of life: an open letter to Sergio Marchionne

Dear Mr Marchionne,

As an owner of a homologated version of the most successful rally car of all time, I am saddened to be informed that Lancia is to be sold only in Italy, and fear this to be an omen of the eventual demise of this illustrious brand, once considered globally to be the epitome of style, engineering excellence, innovation and unrivalled motorsport success in the world of rallying.

This is an appeal to you, Mr Marchionne, to revive the brand and I wish to take this opportunity to explain to you, through CAR magazine and as best as my words allow, why.
Before I go on, a little information about myself. I am passionate about cars and have been so for as long as I remember. I like to think I know a little of what makes a car ‘special’. My first car, bought with my hard-earned money years ago, was a 105 series 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. I am certain you will understand that for the price paid, I could have bought a Brera, or a modern Guilietta, but instead I opted for a rear-wheel drive classic to understand Alfa Romeo. I dearly loved that car and I am glad to see that thanks to you and your team of respected engineers, Alfa Romeo is once again emphatically responding to the passion of Alfisti all over the world. But I digress.

Having sold it with a broken heart following a minor accident, I wanted a car which could match or exceed the level of feedback and sensory stimulation the Alfa provided. It was important for me that the car performed well, was dynamically excellent, that it looked, sounded and felt ‘just right’.

The holy grail: Lancia Integrale!

After searching for a replacement car, I believe I have been acquainted with the holy grail of motoring; the Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2. Mr Marchionne, unless you have already done so, I respectfully invite you to go for an extended drive in one of these cars, because you will know what I now know, though was certainly not expecting.

Corran Helme's Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2: he's converted!

This car is complete. As you approach it, you will see its purposeful Giorgetto Giugiaro-penned design, with origami angles exuding muscular aggression and a delicacy of form. Get closer, open the door and take a seat. You will appreciate that the seating position is perfect, with the Recaros hugging you in place while the controls – Momo steering wheel and leather-clad gearlever- fall perfectly to hand. I imagine you would have worked out a route, combining city and countryside. Turn the key to let the Aurelio Lampredi-designed twin-cam turbo come to life and you will immediately hear the sweet purr and whine of this engine. I let the oil in mine warm up a little, but you may wish to  slot the gearlever into first immediately; a decisive click, muted, but with enough expression to give an impression of a rifle bolt smoothly slotting in place.

This is how Lancia feels

Minutes into your drive, you will immediately sense from the base of your seat the perfect balance of this car and notice too, the steering wheel, a tactile delight, delicately writhing between your fingers as you begin to press on and sense the turbocharged engine take its stride from 3000rpm to its 6200rpm, the rear of the car squatting down as you surge from 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds.

Along a narrow winding country road, the car will remain absolutely stable, balanced and pivoting around you. You will feel the perfectly judged damping, the car able to soak up undulations foursquare and utterly unflappable, yet maintaining a level of feedback which is extraordinary. As you will take a slow corner fast, the car will speak to you in greater volumes; the steering wheel making you feel the quality of the tarmac through the tips of your fingers as it loads up perfectly whilst the tyres grip harder, encouraging you to take the next corner, faster, harder and with more confidence, with time, allowing you to take advantage of the turbo boost to catapult you out of corners ferociously. There will be moments with your heart in your mouth, speechless and with a broad grin at what you were able to achieve with this car.

Whilst driving back through city streets, people will stop, look at your car, smile and gesture positively. Some may even approach you, greet you, expressing their desire and admiration for your ‘Queen’ and showing you respect for owning one of the greatest hot hatches of all time. They will crowd around the car, take photographs, ask you questions about what it is to own and drive what is arguably one of the most impressive mechanically engineered modern cars of all time.

Lancia Stratos: a true icon of our times

Every time I drive this car, responses like these follow. The Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 may represent the culmination of all what Lancia stood for; style, engineering innovation and excellence, heritage and motorsport success, all rolled up in one complete package, but it is not the only example to be revered, need I mention the Aurelia and the Stratos?

Lancia: a plea

Mr Marchionne, the Lancia brand remains strong in my opinion and the opinion of thousands of members of owner clubs from the USA, to Europe, Asia to New Zealand. As someone who once advocated in a motoring forum for the consolidation of Ferrari Maserati and Alfa Romeo to share resources to help bring the latter two brands back into the global arena, and I am pleased to see this being realised.

The same could be achieved in respect of Lancia. During the 2007 season, the cumulative worldwide TV audience for ISC's World Rally Championship programming was 816 million. The programming was available in over 180 countries, and was broadcast on over 250 different TV channels. Moreover, with the WRC attracting participants to use cars like Porsche and Lotus, not to mention the fact Hyundai, Proton, Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi,  are all reportedly considering their future rally activities,  I anticipate this sport may well become even more popular; an opportune moment to re-introduce Lancia, the Legend back into global motorsport.
The motoring world has not forgotten Lancia and if successfully reintroduced, the world would be richer for having it back, perhaps with limited exclusive numbers of sports cars that can be sold to those who know and understand the value of this brand.

Please do not let this brand be consigned to history, but allow a select few within the fiat group to embrace its values and produce once again, cars that are loved, revered and respected by motoring enthusiasts.

Yours sincerely,
Corran Helme


duminică, 20 septembrie 2015

Vand Lancia Delta Integrale

Vand lancia delta integrale!!!

99%originala (lipseste mocheta din interior,in rest tot original si functional)

motor 2000 8v turbo, 140.000 km reali, masina a fost adusa din Germania, carte service.

Mai multe detalii pm!

pret: 10000 euro negociabil



Intalnirea Nationala Club Lancia Romania - 16-18 octombrie 2015

In perioada 16-18 octombrie 2015 are loc Intalnirea Nationala Club Lancia Romania in localitatea Fundata jud Brasov 

Cazarea va fi asigurata de Vila Tomis 

Pretul mediu pentru cazare este de 100 lei/noapte de camera pentru rezervare integrala a vilei in weekend-ul respectiv(16-18 oct 2015)! 
Pentru cei ce vor sa vina sigur la Intalnirea Club Lancia, sunt rugati sa ia legatura cu @danielomihai sau @LucianDLR prin mesagerie privata! 
Termenul limita de achitare a avansului de 50% pentru cazare este de zece(10) zile - 30 septembrie deoarece trebuie achitat avansul pe 1 octombrie 2015!

Alte amanunte vor fi publicate pe topicul aferent:


marți, 15 septembrie 2015

Lancia at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show

Lancia at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show

·      World preview of the New Ypsilon, renewed according to new fashion and design trends. Completely new interiors while certain style details on the exterior give it greater personality.
·      The line-up features three versions - Silver, Gold and Platinum -and five engine types, all Euro 6 (diesel, petrol, LPG and methane) combined with manual or automatic transmission according to the versions.
·      Making its debut is the innovative UconnectTM system that keeps you connected, also with LIVE services.
·      On sale from September, the New Ypsilon aims to consolidate the success of the Lancia Fashion City Car of which over 2.7 million have been sold across Europe since 1985.

Appearing at an international show for the first time, the New Ypsilon previews at the Frankfurt showcase. Five examples of the "Fashion City Car" will be exhibited, representing the various styles of the vehicle, renewed in its details to reaffirm its status as "trendsetter". Brand new exteriors and interiors, as well as stellar, ecological Euro 6 engine types.

On sale from September across the main European markets, the New Ypsilon is the fifth generation of a best-seller which has revolutionised the city-car concept by taking it to a higher level of style and elegance and seduced those looking for originality and character, technology and elegance, quality and innovation. Over 2.7 million have been sold across Europe since 1985.

Its success has lied in its capacity to evolve over the last thirty years to become the Lancia Fashion City Car. Its merit also lies in the large number of special series that have continuously updated the Lancia city car over the years, sealing a prestigious partnership or particular technological or stylistic connotation.

For this important world preview, five seductive examples of the New Ypsilon are presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. The stand-out is the Platinum version with its unique "Blu di Blu" livery and its black leather and Dinamica® interior. It fits new 16" two-colour alloy rims, with diamond and burnished effect, and comes equipped with a 95 hp 1.3 Multijet engine.
The new model boasts a unique kaleidoscope of refined colours and materials, like "Cipria Glam" paintwork with black leather and dove grey Dinamica® interiors fitting a 69 hp 1.2 petrol engine. The same engine is fitted on the Silver trim level, the young, entry-level version which opens the doors to the Ypsilon world, in a subtle "Khaki grey" tone.

Completing the show is the New Ypsilon Gold, with two versions that show off the new 15" alloy rims, with a streamline design clearly inspired by the "Y" shape logo. These are a 95 hp 1.3 Multijet with a new "Ivory chic" pastel body and an 80 hp 0.9 Twinair Turbo Methane/Petrol with a three-coat "Gelato White" metallic paint body. Both have new velvet interiors - sienna the first and black the second.

The New Ypsilon models on the Lancia stand are further embellished by Mopar accessories, for that final touch of elegance and personality.
All the cars come with exclusive floor mats and for the Platinum version with its unique “Blu di Blu” livery, there are special chrome caps for the rear view mirrors, emphasising the car from the front. Lastly, the Ypsilon logo makes the chromed tyre valves even more original, and the door heel guards are in glossy black.

The urban panorama is the real terrain of choice for the New Ypsilon, and the Lancia stand evokes this with its modern, elegant staging. The vehicles are framed on a stage boasting a back-lit glass wall and a large LED screen, and arranged between high pillars, for an ideal skyline. In particular, the refined materials which characterise the New Ypsilon are perceptible, to the eye and to the touch, on pillars covered in black fabric and sienna velvet, and on the curved white eco-leather panel that encircles the stand.

The Frankfurt International Motor Show is also an opportunity to admire up close the exclusive merchandising collection dedicated to the New Ypsilon, which will be on display in an area of the stand together with exclusive accessories created in collaboration with Mopar, the reference brand for services, Customer Care, original parts and accessories for FCA brands. More in detail, the apparel and merchandising dedicated to the New Ypsilon are specifically created by the Lancia Style Centre to satisfy the needs of motorists who want to be fashionable, elegant and original. The many products include women's sweatshirts and t-shirt, a bracelet with the Y logo, an iPad holder and a pen with built-in USB flash drive. The latter two accessories pick up the specific graphic solutions of the new Lancia.
Finally, through brochures and dedicated material at the stand, visitors can learn more about the products of FCA Bank, a financing company specialised in the automotive sector. The company operates on the main European markets and in Germany with FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH with a solemission: to support automotive sales for all FCA brands by offering innovative financial products complete with added-value services dedicated to the dealer network, private customers and companies.

World preview of the New Ypsilon :

Perfect combination of elegance and manoeuvrability on four wheels, a car in which form and functionality go hand-in-hand, and an anti-conformist model which boldly expresses its own personality: these are the features which have made Ypsilon a proven success for four generations with 2.7 million sold across Europe.

Today the baton passes to the New Lancia Ypsilon that, to continue to be one of the cars preferred by women, undergoes a renewal becoming even more elegant and functional as well as offering precise details, refined materials, and an attention to design typical of Lancia, and apparent in all three of the versions available at the time of launch: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

On sale from September across the main European markets, the New Ypsilon can be equipped with two petrol engines, a 69 hp 1.2 with manual gearbox or 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo combined with semi-automatic transmission. Alternatively, the 95 hp 1.3 Multijet diesel, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient (just 95 g/km of CO2), express the best of today's engineering in the field of small turbo diesels. Completing the range are the bi-fuel Ecochic versions for cost-effective running and high range: the 69 hp 1.2 LPG/Petrol (110 g/km of CO2) and the 80 hp two-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Methane/Petrol which guarantees low emissions (86 g/km of CO2) and remarkably brilliant performance. The engine types, all Euro 6, are high performing but offer contained consumption and are environmentally friendly thanks to the Ecochic Turbo Methane and LPG range.

External design: a daily fashion show through the city streets:

The New Ypsilon retains its qualities of compactness and versatility. It has five doors and compact dimensions, 384 cm in length, 168 wide, 152 high, with 239 cm wheelbase. These features make it ideal for urban use.The car boasts a new design that gives it a fresh, modern appearance that nevertheless remains faithful to its character and uniqueness. The style of the exteriors, always a key reason for purchasing the model, has been reinterpreted by designers at the Lancia Style Centre to give the car a fresher, harmonious look by emphasising the horizontal lines. In this manner, it is even more captivating, balanced and full of character while remaining compact and practical to be ideal in city traffic.

Specifically, the new front grill has a honeycomb structure and its upper profile adopts the colour of the chassis, while the lower one is chrome-coated. The Lancia shield is now subtly supported by the grill itself, that underlines its lower profile, giving it a prominent position. Even the bumper presents the same pattern, underlined with a chrome insert. The overall optical effect is one of greater width that accentuates its personality on the road.

The insert in the lower part of the rear bumper now takes on the colour of the chassis: a simple modification for a great result in terms of style. With this trick, the rear end appears even more streamline and elegant.

The colour palette is also renewed, with two new tones in addition to the three pastel shades, six metallic/metal-flake colours and three-coat white. There is delicate "Chic Ivory" that, refined and fresh at the same times, fully expresses the Ypsilon spirit, and the elegant "Blu di Blu": a colour that reinterprets the historic livery of the brand with character and elegance.

Elegance and functionality in the new vehicle:

The interiors of the New Ypsilon have been carefully updated, to meet usage needs while also respecting the latest trends in terms of colours and materials, and are the result of careful research into the colours, material selection and attention to detail. New fabrics have been used for the upholstery, while the seats and dash are created with new technologies.

In the Silver version, upholstery is in printed fabric with "dégradé" motif, available in the black and grey combination matched with the new grey dash or in black and blue matched with the new blue dash. The new texture of the dash, matched to the interior, transmits a sense of importance and gives the overall interior a more marked touch of glamour. A modern space that exploits the most innovative moulding technologies, dedicated to young customers looking for an elegant, fashionable car that is manoeuvrable and economically accessible but, at the same time, boasts a strong personality.

The Gold version has fabric and velvet interiors which are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. The irregular geometric chevron motif which adorns the seat backs and cushions is created using a modern type of velvet, while the uniformity of the dash is ensured by its silky surface that embellishes the entire passenger compartment. Created for young, modern women who want to charm, two colour combinations are available for the interiors, both with cream inserts: the first solution features sienna and black combined with a sienna dashboard, while the second has black interiors and black dashboard.

The Dinamica® fabric combined with leather is the key element of the Platinum version. The geometric pattern embellished with contrasting stitching conveys the impression of being in a cosily comfortable and elegant lounge; matched with the black leather, along the sides of the seats and on the dash, it gives a more refined overall look. Two variants of these interiors are available: black leather and black Dinamica® or black leather and dove grey Dinamica®. Whatever the choice, the colour combinations are perfect for demanding women who understand the importance of details.

The instrument panels are also new, for more immediate reading, as is the gear stick knob, now more precious and ergonomic. The internal comfort has been improved, particularly thanks to the completely redesigned central tunnel that, together with the new glove boxes, has internal capacity increased to 3 litres, injecting the "Fashion City Car" with greater versatility.

Another key innovation is UconnectTM, the new infotainment system, standard with all versions starting from Gold, which allows the multimedia devices to be managed via a combination of the 5" touchscreen, steering wheel controls and user-friendly graphics. From the radio to the main multimedia support systems which can be connected via USB port, Aux-in connector or Bluetooth audio streaming.
The new infotainment system provides a wide range of functions, including Bluetooth hands-free system, voice recognition, function for reading text messages received on compatible telephones using “text to speech” technology. Finally, DAB digital radio is available on demand.

Latest generation infotainment with the UconnectTM system:

Uconnect™ LIVE services are now debuting in the New Ypsilon. The Uconnect™ LIVE app can be downloaded to smartphones from Apple Store or Google Play Store. As soon as the smartphone is connected to the car, numerous apps can be viewed and checked via the touch screen of the UconnectTM system. The apps have be redesigned and adapted for use while driving to keep concentrated on the road. Availability of Uconnect™ LIVE will be gradually extended across Europe.
Uconnect™ LIVE provides direct access, via the touch screen, to Tuneln internet radio, with more than 100,000 international stations; Deezer Internet music, which offers more than 35 million tracks for Deezer Premium users; Reuters, to keep updated on world news; Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with your friends. Finally, it can also be used to access eco:Drive, the award winning driving style app which allows to slash fuel consumption by up to 16% and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by providing driving tips in real time.

Uconnect™ LIVE connects directly to my:Car with real time warnings, service deadline memos and an interactive owner handbook to manage car maintenance as best as possible. Furthermore, when a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, the most important warnings are transferred to the Uconnect™ LIVE personal account to make servicing easy as never before. Finally, the “FIND MyCar” function allows to record where the car is parked on a smartphone to locate it again easily using satellite data.

Uconnect LIVE with TomTom LIVE services:

Finally, Uconnect™ 5” Radio Nav LIVE with integrated TomTom 2.5D navigator and voice controls is available on demand. Navigating even the most complicated crossroads and junctions is easy with powerful features like the advanced lane indicator. Additionally, the TomTom IQ Routes® function is the most simple way to calculate the fastest route based on real clocked average speeds. Last but not least, drivers can travel in complete safety by receiving "turn by turn" instructions on the instrument panel when other functions are active on the radio.
Uconnect™ 5’’ Radio Nav LIVE includes TomTom Live services with voice commands and high quality traffic information, making every journey more efficient thanks to the Uconnect LIVE app.
Those driving a New Ypsilon can now experience the TomTom connected navigation experience, the world's greatest source of traffic information. UconnectTM supplies faster routes and the most precise estimates of arrival time, and as well as real time information on traffic conditions, users also benefit from information on fixed and mobile speed camera locations where available and real time weather conditions. Finally, with TomTom Search & Go users can run searches by category or type, like petrol stations or supermarkets, and be directed there.

Turin, 15 September 2015

joi, 10 septembrie 2015

The New Lancia Ypsilon 2015-2016

Preview of the new Fashion City Car with original interiors and exteriors and a range of three versions and five engines, all Euro 6, to satisfy any need.

This year, Lancia Ypsilon has celebrated its 30th anniversary with a complete makeover to underline its vocation as "trendsetter". This is the debut of the fifth generation of a best seller, which revolutionised the city-car concept and raised the level of style and elegance. It seduced not only those in search of creativity and strength of character, but also fans of technology and fashion and those who appreciate quality and innovation. From 1995 to today, over 2.7 million units have been sold throughout Europe.

There will be a preview of the New Ypsilon at the International Salon in Frankfurt, and sales will begin in September on the main European markets. The range will include three trim levels - Silver, Gold and Platinum - and five engines, all Euro 6, offering brilliant performance with reduced consumption and the environmentally-friendly Ecochic Turbo Methane and LPG range.

The New Ypsilon also gives a choice of two petrol engines: the 1.2 69 HP and the 0.9 TwinAir Turbo 85 HP with semi-automatic gearbox. Alternatively, there is the 1.3 Multijet 95 HP turbo diesel, with a low environmental impact of only 95 g/km of CO2 and reduced consumption to give the best in cutting-edge vehicle technology in the field of small turbo diesels.
The twin-fuelled, Ecochic versions with their reduced running costs complete the range: LPG/Petrol 1.2 69 HP (110 g/km of CO2)  and the twin-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Methane/Petrol 80 HP, with low CO2 emissions (86 g/km of CO2) yet guaranteeing a brilliant performance.

The New Ypsilon reasserts its compact style and versatility. It has five standard doors and moderate dimensions: 384 cm long, 168 wide, 152 cm tall and a wheel base of 239 cm. These features make it ideal for urban use. The new design gives it a fresh, modern take on its unique personality. The body style has always been always one of the main reasons why people purchase the model. The Lancia Style Centre designers have given it a facelift to achieve a more balanced, streamlined look, by emphasising the horizontal lines to make the car more striking.

The range of colours has also been updated with two new shades to add to the three pastel colours, the six metallic colours and the three-layer white. This is the refined, fresh-looking "Ivory Chic" which just sums up the Ypsilon spirit, and the elegant "Blu di Blu", the colour which elegantly and boldly reinvents the brand's classic, historic livery.
The New Ypsilon interiors are the result of careful research into colours, choice of materials and care for detail. New fabrics have been used for the upholstery, ranging from the cross-printed "degradé" fabric of the Silver version, to the velvet reintroduced with a chevron pattern for the Gold version, including the leather and fabric combination, Dinamica®, for the Platinum version with a quilted pattern: a hymn to sophistication and elegance.
The dashboard sports new textures to match the interior to give a sense of importance and an even more marked touch of glamour, with original, easier to read graphics on the instrument panel and a new gear lever knob. Comfort inside the passenger compartment has been improved thanks to a completely redesigned central tunnel which, together with the new glove compartments adds 3 litres to the total internal capacity and makes the Fashion City Car become more versatile.

Another substantial new item is the standard UconnectTM infotainment system for the Gold version, which uses a combination of a 5" touch screen, steering wheel controls, voice controls and user friendly buttons to safely control the multi-media devices on board: from the radio to the main multi-media supports which can be connected via the USB port, the Aux-in connector or the Bluetooth audio streaming.

LIVE services for DAB radio (digital radio) and DAB NAV Radio (digital radio + integrated SatNav) will also be available on request, so that the New Ypsilon is constantly connected and can guarantee a wide range of functions.

If you download the UconnectTM LIVE app from App Store and Google Play and connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth, you can use the numerous apps on the on-board system: Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with your friends, Deezer and TuneIn, to listen to your own music and your favourite radio, Reuters, to keep up-to-date with the latest world news, but also to navigate via TomTom LIVE, including driver awareness with eco:Drive, which allows you to improve your driving style and the best servicing with my:Car.

Finally an original ad comes out together with the New Ypsilon, recapping the elegant features and eye for style that the car has in common with the people who drive it.
As a spokesperson, a Polish model and actress, Italian by choice, Kasia Smutniak was chosen because of the affinity her strong, spontaneous character has with the new car, a symbol of elegance and personality.

Created by the Armando Testa agency and directed by Ago Panini for the Akita production company, the ad shows Kasia Smutniak playing the part of a girl in the throes of not being able to decide what to wear. Nothing suits her, so her boyfriend calls in a specialist: a man who will free the girl from her indecisiveness by using an ironic version of exorcism. Thus the man brings back the sense of beauty in her life by showing her the only style that wins every time: the New Ypsilon.
The spot fades with the claim: "Let yourself be possessed by style".

Turin, 9 September 2015

duminică, 6 septembrie 2015

Lancia Ypsilon facelift 2015-2016

[SCOOP] Lancia Ypsilon facelift: ecco la prima foto senza camuffature!



Sta girando su Facebook la prima foto in assoluto della Lancia Ypsilon facelift senza alcuna camuffatura! Come facciamo a sapere che non si tratta di un fake? Semplice, l’abbiamo già vista da un po’. Sebbene non si noti, all’interno della presa d’aria inferiore è presente una cromatura che alle estremità si trova sotto i fendinebbia e poi sale fino a toccare il portatarga.

La gamma motori è composta da quattro motori:

– 1.2 benzina 69 CV
– 1.2 benzina-GPL 69CV
– 0.9 TwinAir benzina 85CV
– 1.3 MultiJet gasolio 95CV

Quattro, invece, gli allestimenti disponibili al lancio:

– Silver
– Gold
– Platinum
– Opening Edition (disponibile solamente per il periodo di lancio)

L’auto è già ordinabile nelle concessionarie ufficiali come Ypsilon Serie 2. Lo sconto previsto sul listino per la campagna di lancio è di 1500,00€!

Cosa ne pensate, vi piace?