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luni, 5 octombrie 2015

Lancia Delta Integrale 2015-2017 ???

This Is Why A Modern-Day Lancia Delta Integrale Is Hard To Render 




Oftentimes, it's those iconic tough to ever replace models that you have a hard time picturing as modern-day 2015-2016 versions of themselves.
The original Lancia Delta Integrale is no exception - in fact, many would say that it was the ultimate hot-hatch of its generation. It had the performance (over 200 HP in those 90s Integrale versions) and the looks, since there was no way anybody would have preferred a Golf GTI in the early 90s in terms of aesthetics.

If anybody could resurrect the Delta Integrale, as say, a 2016 or a 2017 model, they would have to scrap everything regarding the most recent model, since that car was all about life-style, not performance.

What this means is that you'd have to start from scratch, while staying true to some of the basic shapes and design cues that the original had. Unfortunately, this is where we also discredit these renderings right here, as they don't really have anything in common with the iconic Delta Integrale.

In fact, this car here looks like somewhat of a cross between an old Fiat Stilo and the current generation SEAT Leon.

Even the title of the rendering is 'Failed Lancia Delta Integrale Renderings', but that's OK because what it can do is make us think about a car we'd all love to see return to its former glory.

Also, if you need even more inspiration, check out this modern Delta Integrale HF Study from a few years back.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin



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