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vineri, 6 noiembrie 2015

Anneliese Abarth, a beaming brand testimonial

After a lifetime beside the brilliant car-maker and brand founder, Anneliese Abarth continues to officially represent the Scorpion to this day, in an intense expression of a total personal and professional union.

Life-long car enthusiast Anneliese was by the brand founder's side until the end and today she presides the Carlo Abarth Foundation. She carries the baton passed on by Carlo, a symbol of continuity and of the deep and enduring union which husband and wife shared in every sense. Today, Anneliese Abarth is Brand Ambassador and actively represents Abarth at many classic car events and international club meetings to disseminate the brand's values. With her first-hand involvement in the brand's history, no-one can express the concepts that were implemented in practice in Abarth's high-performing cars better than Anneliese.

Carlo and Anneliese Abarth met in the early 1960s, and soon developed a total relationship unifying their personal and professional passions in perfect harmony. They were always together, on every important occasion, and Anneliese was always present and deeply involved in every test and every race. She also became Carlo Abarth's favourite photographic model and muse: a style icon for his creations.

The Abarth myth today is kindled in the heart of every connoisseur through a range of cars and products which express an uncompromising vocation for racing and continual technical evolution... as can be seen from its latest creations: the 595 Yamaha Factory Racing and the 695 Biposto Record. The former pays homage to the prestigious partnership between the Scorpion brand and the Movistar Yamaha Moto GP Team. The Abarth brand has always been a byword for racing in the automotive industry, and for 2015 and 2016 it is Official Sponsor and Official Car Supplier of the FIM MotoGP Championship team, so far conquering two out of three possible World Championship titles.

The 695 Biposto Record is a version which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the acceleration record with a G-class car achieved by Carlo Abarth in 1965 in the Monza Autodrome. It features an exclusive "Modena Yellow" livery with "Tar Cold Grey" finishing and an enamelled "695 Record" badge on the side. High performance is guaranteed by the mechanical self-locking differential, combined for the first time with five-gear transmission. It achieves a perfect balance between performance, hand-craftedness and brilliant detailing, which - like the devoted brand promotion activity of Anneliese Abarth - warms the hearts of all Abarth lovers and keeps the memory of its founder vibrantly alive.

Turin, 3 November 2015

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