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miercuri, 23 decembrie 2015

Jeep® Renegade is Named Best “4x4 of the Year 2016”

  • The prestigious award given by 4x4 Magazine, the off-road specialist UK magazine
  • A Trailhawk, the range-topping version in terms of performance and off-road characterization, was put through its paces
  • According to the jury "Renegade is one of the most significant 4x4 vehicles to be produced in the last five years"
  • Renegade ranked first in the "Mid-range SUV sub-£30,000" category

Jeep® Renegade was named "4x4 of the Year 2016" by the UK's 4x4 Magazine, one of the most famous specialist publications in the world. The coveted title confirms the winning features of the small SUV which has become one of the best-selling models in its segment in many countries across the EMEA region. The 4x4 Magazine's jury, which was unanimous in its decision, put the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, the version that expresses the best in terms of performance and all-terrain characterization, through its paces on a tough off-road evaluation course.

Trailhawk is the top-of-the-range version: it combines the best of Jeep's off-road technology and the finest of FCA's engineering innovations. The car is equipped with a powerful 2.0 MultiJet 170 HP engine combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission and Jeep Active Drive Low which delivers a final drive ratio of 20:1. The jury of 4x4 Magazine concluded that the entire Renegade range was worthy of the award and declared that the model was "one of the most significant 4x4 vehicles produced in the last five years".

Furthermore, 4x4 Magazine named Jeep Renegade the best in the "Mid-range SUV sub-£30,000" category, while the iconic Jeep Wrangler took the "Hardcore" class for the fourth consecutive year.

Jeep Renegade, of which over 180,000* units have been produced so far at the revamped FCA Melfi Plant in Italy, represented the debut of the Jeep brand into a new segment. By entering the small-SUV category for the first time -  the fastest growing one in the EMEA region  -Jeep demonstrated that it is no longer a 'niche' brand and is able to compete successfully in the various segments. The array of Jeep Renegade awards also confirm that the Jeep brand can address the everyday needs of its customers while staying true to its DNA of genuine off-road brand. As first SUV manufacturer globally, Jeep delivers the best off-road capabilities in all segments it competes in.

Jeep Renegade award list includes:

• "New Car of the Year 2015" - Quattroruote (Italy);
• "Best SUV of the Year 2015" - Coches.net (Spain);
• "Car of the Year 2016" - Autoesporte (Brazil);
• "4x4 of the Year 2015" - 4x4 Magazine (France);
• "SUV of the Year 2015" - 4x4 Tout-Terrain Magazine (France);
• "Car of the Year 2016" awarded by a panel of specialist journalists in Greece;
• "Best Buy Award 2016" in the Subcompact-SUV category for US Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy

Turin, 23 December 2015

*data updated as of November 30th


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